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Our breeders and trainers have won multiple awards around the globe.

Problem behavior in dogs can be corrected as well. Contact us today!



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Dog Training Center.

Dutch East Dog Training Center is owned and operated by the breeders of the North American Bouvier Champions: Khan, Karl, and three-time champion Quicksilver, and NAWBA Schutzhund champions Xen and Doodle Casa de Mandingo's.


The breeders and trainers of the 2011 North American Working Schutzhund Champion are NOW AVAILABLE in the U.S. for competition or personal training for dogs.


Congratulations to Rod LoCricchio and Uno La Vida Casa de Mandingo's SchH3 - 2011 NAWBA SchH Champion! We are also the home of 2010 NAWBA Schutzhund Champion - Doodle, SchH3, IPO3.


If you are interested in seeing the dogs working, contact Carla and visit the Schutzhund Club any weekend.


2011 NAWBA SchH Champion - Uno Casa de Mandingo's SchH3

2010 NAWBA Schutzhund Champion - Casa de Mandingo's Doodle, SchH3, IPO3

2008 NAWBA Schutzhund Champion - Xen Casa de Mandingos, SchH3, IPO3

3 time NAWBA Schutzhund Champion Quicksilver Casa de Mandingo's, SChH3

NAWBA SchH Champion   Karl-Bram Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3

NAWBA SchH Champion  Khan-Bram Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3


Bouviers that have been titled and trained by or bred by us:


Congratulations to new Sch H III!

Maggie Teitelbaum and Lotus Casa de Mandingo's, Sch H III. This is Maggie's first Sch H III and we are very proud of her!


Quicksilver Casa De Mandingo's, Sch H III, 3x NAWBA Champion

Xen Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3/IPO3, 2008 NAWBA Schutzhund Champion

Centauri's Utterly Ironic, SchH3

Que Sera Casa de Mandingo's, SchH2, Excellent Select

Uno Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3, IPO3, Excellent Select

Tommy Casa de Mandingo's, BH, Excellent Select

Uma Casa de Mandingo's, SchH1, Excellent and Select

Uxa Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3

Uzzi Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3, Excellent

Torro: BH

Bebee: BH

Fallon, BH

Renaissance's Evageline Caya's Home, SchH3

Tchaikovsky, BH

Troy Casa de Mandingo's, SchH2

Sultan C, BH

Joey , BH

Maggie Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Lola , BH

Billy Bob , BH

Dre , SchH2

Karl-Bram Casa de Mandingo's , SchH3 - North American Working Champion

Khan-Bram Casa de Mandingo's SchH3- North American Working Champion

Casa de Mandingo's Doodle, SchH3, IPO3, 2010 NAWBA Schutzhund Champion


Dutch East Dog Training Center          757-426-1223

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