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Chunga la Toubierre, SchH3, IPO3

Feyed Casa de Mandingo's IPO1

Calcifer Casa de Mandingo's IPO2

Samurai Casa de Mandingo's IPO1

Precious Pearl Casa de Mandingo's IPO3

Dandy Casa de Mandingo's BH

Boefie Casa de Mandingo's BH

Nano Casa de Mandingo's SchH3, IPO3

Paco des Ombres Valeureux, SchH3, IPO3

Dinky Casa de Mandingo's, SchH1

Que Sera Casa de Mandingo's, SchH1

Macho Casa de Mandingo's SchH3, VZH

Lotje Casa de Mandingo's, VZH, BH

Bram Bowie Casa de Mandingo's, IPO3, SchH3, SPH, FH - 3-time Dutch Working Champion

Ernesto Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Sultan Casa de Mandingos, BH

Joey Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Gypsy Renaissance Bouviers, BH, OFA Excellent

Maggie Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Billybob Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Casa de Mandingo's Doodle, NAWBA Schutzhund Champion 2010 - SchH3, IPO3

Jeckel Casa de Mandingo's - Police Certified Malinois

Casa de Mandingo's Fallon, BH

Lola Renaissance Bouviers, BH

Renaissance's Outkast Aka Dre', SchH1


Also Out Of Our Breeding:


Uno La Vida Casa de Mandingo's SchH3

Casa de Mandingo's Uzzi, SchH3

Xen Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3, IPO3, OFA Good - NAWBA Working Champion

Casa de Mandingo's KodaKracker, SchH1, TR2

Kaos Uma Casa de Mandingo's SchH2

Calcifer Zena Renaissance's, BH

Samurai-Zen Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Precious Pearl Casa de Mandingo's, BH, SchH1

Tikki Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Int/Am UKC Ch Anika-Belle Casa de Mandingo's, BH, RN, HIT, CGC, OFA Good


Mr. Eko of Casa de Mandingo's BH

Jade Casa de Mandingo's BH

Feyd's Casa de Mandingo's BH

Trueman Casa de Mandingo's IPO2


Habu Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3

Atilla Casa de Mandingo's, SchH3, IPO3

Dcobra, SchH2

Dex Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Diego Casa de Mandingo's, BH

Vito Casa de Mandingo's, BH


German Shepherds

Dano, SchH3, IPO3, FH

Esja, SchH3, IPO3, FH

Hippy, SchH1, FH

Bella, Sch2, FH

Casa de Mandingo's Working Titled Dogs

At Dutch East Dog Training Center, we are also breeders of Belgian Malinois for the past 25 years.

You can trust in

Fred and Carla to expertly board, train, and title

your dog for you!

Casa de Mandingo's Working Titled Dogs

Breeding and Training Bouviers and Malinois

Our first Bouviers were Arko vd Witteveenseven and Bianca, both of which were Schutzhund III. With these two dogs, we also began breeding, which led to Annabel, the mother of many good working dogs in Germany. One example is Cayenne vd Pappelranch.The next litter was Arko and Anouska vd Driesneetjes. Out of this came our Beau and next Arko. We titled these two dogs to Schutzhund III and F.H. We bred Beau to Marshall vd Stadt Homberg and from this breeding came Bram. Bram took IPO I, II, and III titles by the age of two years and competed to eight years old. She was winner of IPO I, II, III Dutch Championships. We still have three females out of her old line and they all show the same temperament and working spirit that she had.


We started working Malinois in 1985. We started up with Arra v Runderland, titled her to I.P.O. III,  and bred her to Rudy K.N.P.V. Blitz came out I.P.O. III. We bred Blitz to different males and kept Nano I.P.O. III, and Pele and Paco BH, both almost ready for I.P.O. I.


As you can see, we work our females and keep young dogs out of them to build up a strong line for working. Our goal is to have a good working and conformation dog. For example, we had Hurricane Jane as a puppy and she turned out to be the conformation Working Champion of the Netherlands. We were very proud of the work Lous did with her and were very sad that she died a few months ago. We also compliment Phillip Safriet with the good work he has done with Khan Bram Casa de Mandingo's,


Sch H III, in the U.S.A. Kahn was high scoring dog overall at the 1996 AWDF Championships. Kahn also took fifth place in the USA North American Schutzhund III and FH Championships. Their score of 99-90-92 = 281 was only 4 points less than the top three dogs. Phillip and Khan also received the award for being the highest scoring owner-handler trained team in the competition! With Phillip's wife, Vickie, Kahn won the 1999 North American Working Bouvier Championship in Virginia with High Scoring Schutzhund III.

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