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Carla uses motivational training to guide owners and their dogs with major behavioral problems. Her goal is to create a good relationship and total understanding between dogs and their owners.


For more information about obedience training, visit Carla's Perfect Obedience Training Facebook page.

Full Obedience Training For Pets Available

In addition to our other services, Dutch East Dog Training Center offers obedience classes. Our owner Carla has 40 years of experience in training dogs around the world.


Contact Carla to schedule a class for your pet.

A Full Training Program For Pet Owners

We can solve

behavioral problems with

all breeds of dogs.

They are equipped to solve problems with all breeds and are accomplished in A.K.C and Schutzhund training. Sixteen of their dogs have earned the highest-ranking titles in IPO III and eight have advanced to FH (tracking). Carla, with Bram Bowie Casa de Mandingo's IPO III, Sch H III, SPH, FH, earned the Dutch Working Champion title three times. They won the International German Championship as well. Bred, raised, trained and trialed by Carla and Fred, Bram was known for her tracking ability (100 points in the all-breed championship), lightning fast retrieves and strong protection. In a Schutzhund trial in May of 2000, Carla put BH titles on five dogs (four Bouviers and one German Shephard) and a Schutzhung I on a Malinois.


Fred has been the Training Director of the Amsterdam Working Bouvier Club and the All Breed club. He has trained many dogs to an IPO III and specializes in working with young puppies. Another testimony to Fred's success is that Bram earned her IPO III and tied for first place in the Dutch Championship when she was two years old. Fred excels at problem solving in tracking, obedience and protection. Handlers and helpers alike value his expertise in helping them to succeed.



If you would like to meet Fred and Carla and talk about a problem you have with your dog, or your training needs, give them a call. You are always welcome to show your dog to us and discuss your needs and expectations. We also have videos from some of training sessions, and arrange training especially designed for your personal schedule.

Solve all of your dog's problems!

No time to train your dog? We will board, train and title your dog for you!


  • We can board and train your dog!

  • Special opportunities to have your dog earn the BH!

  • AKC style tracking and obedience classes

  • Problem behaviors are corrected

We specialize in all aspects of working dog competition

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Dog in Training

Fred Samseer and Carla van Duyvenbode are winners of numerous Dutch and international canine championship titles. They are now located here in the U.S. Carla and Fred have worked over 40 dogs to the status of Schutzhund III and other titles during their 25+ years of dog handling.

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